Emergency Fund: What It Is and How to Build It

Gina Pogol

An emergency fund is money that you set aside for unexpected difficulties. Every financial plan should include emergency savings. It's smart to cover emergency savings before directing money into investments or unnecessary spending.

7 Ways to Stop Overspending In 2021

Rebecca Lake

Trying to save money can be challenging. Learn some of the best ways to stop spending money to help you get your budget under control.

Financial Survival Guide for The CoronavirUS Pandemic

Richard Barrington

Worried about how your finances will survive the coronavirus pandemic? See how to handle both short-term and long-term finances in light of this crisis.

Credit Card Vs Debit Card - Which Is Better?

Erik Martin

For disciplined consumers, plastic can be fantastic. A debit card and credit card allow you to make purchases safer and easier without having to carry cash. That begs the question: When should you use a debit card vs credit card?

Pay Off Debt or Save - What's More Important?

Geoff Williams

Should you save money or pay off debt? For total financial health, you want to carry little debt and have savings for emergencies and retirement. But few of us get off to a perfect start. If you're looking at a pile of debt and no savings, which problem should you tackle first? The answer depends on several factors.

America's Best Rates 4Th Quarter, 2020 - Savings, Money Market and CD Rates?

Richard Barrington

Looking to earn more on your savings? See which banks pay considerably more interest.

Best States to Retire 2021

Richard Barrington

Wondering to where you should retire? See the trade-offs among a number of different things like cost, safety and health care that are likely to matter to you greatly when you retire.

Checking Account/ATM Fee Survey: 1st Half 2021

Richard Barrington

Want to save money the easy way? A simple change in your checking account could possibly save you hundreds of dollars a year. Read about the latest checking account fee trends and how to benefit from them.

10 Best States to Raise A Family 2021

Richard Barrington

Is your state a good place to raise a family? See where your home state ranked, and which states scored best as places to raise children.

America's Best Rates 3Rd Quarter 2020 - Savings, Money Market and CD Rates?

Richard Barrington

Are falling interest rates taking money out of your pocket? See how you could earn more on savings accounts, money market accounts and CDs.

When Is Tax on A CD Due?

Richard Barrington

Are you prepared for the tax consequences of your CD? You may have to pay taxes on your CD interest before you even receive that interest. Here's how you can be ready to pay the taxes on your CD interest when it comes due.

Should I Move My CD Into an IRA?

Richard Barrington

Thinking of setting up an IRA? Learn how to choose between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA and how to invest for long-term retirement savings.

How Much Retirement Savings Should an 83-Year-Old Have?

Richard Barrington

How do you know you have enough money for the remainder of your retirement? A comparison of net expenses with retirement savings and other resources can help you find the answer.

How Long Can I Keep Money In A Traditional IRA?

Richard Barrington

How long can you keep money in a traditional IRA? While you are required to start taking out some of your remaining balance each year beginning at age 70.5, you are never required to take out all of your remaining balance.

Can I Contribute Rmds to A Roth IRA?

Richard Barrington

Looking to limit your taxes once you start taking retirement plan RMDs? The strategy of contributing some of that money to a Roth IRA has significant limits, but it does also have some benefit.


When Opening Multiple Money Market Accounts Is A Smart Move

Richard Barrington

Could you benefit from splitting your money into different bank accounts? See examples of when having multiple money market accounts could work to your benefit.

2019 Outlook - 6 Factors Affecting Savings &Amp; Money Market Rates

Richard Barrington

Do you have money in a savings or money market account? These six trends could impact your money in 2019, but here's how you can protect your assets and profit during this changing environment.

Batter Up! 9 'Players' for Your Investment Line-Up

Richard Barrington

Want a portfolio that will perform from its opening day? Then consider incorporating these key elements.

Home-Field Advantage - 7 Reasons to Favor US Stocks

Richard Barrington

International investing can be a good thing, but there are also valid reasons for maintaining a heavier weighting toward U.S.-based stocks.

7 Straightforward Rules for Asset Allocation

Richard Barrington

Asset allocation is a tricky decision and one you can't avoid, so it's wise to be well-informed on the topic.

Myths About High Yield Savings Accounts During Covid-19

Richard Barrington

Looking to earn more on your savings? A high yield savings account could help, but only if you know how to kick the tires when choosing one.

Tax Preparation Fees: What's The Average Cost of Tax Preparation?

Gina Pogol

If you've never hired a tax preparer before, you're probably wondering, "How much does it cost to have your taxes done by a professional?" Average tax preparation fees depend on three factors - How organized are your taxes? Where do you live? How complicated are your taxes?

How to Open A Savings Account

Rebecca Lake

What Is Payroll Tax Deferral: Everything You Need to Know

Gina Pogol

The payroll tax deferral may have created controversy and confusion. You probably have a few questions yourself: Does my employer offer payroll tax deferral? Should I opt in or out? Do I have to pay the money back? How should I use the money? The fact is most employees won't be able to defer their payroll taxes. But there is a way to create your own tax deferral and control your financial destiny in 2020 and 2021.

Does It Make A Difference Where I Have My Savings Account?

Richard Barrington

Could you be getting more out of your savings account? Chances are the answer is yes. See ten reasons your choice of savings account can make a difference to how much you have in that account at the end of the year.

Which Certificate of Deposit Account Is Right for You?

Richard Barrington

Confused about how to pick the right kind of CD? This guide describes several options and walks through the steps toward deciding which is best for you.

How to Invest In CD

Charles Epstein

If you have short-term financial goals, learning how to invest in CDs can help you maximize your return and potentially make more money than other options.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Richard Barrington

Could you be earning more money in a CD? Find out how CDs work and how to shop for them. Learn how they can earn you more interest, help manage your cash flow and keep your money safe.

Brokered CD - How They Work

Richard Barrington

Want a better deal on your CDs? Brokered CDs are a potential way you could get better CD terms, as long as you understand the potential risks along with the potential benefits.

Old Line Bank No-Penalty CD Review

Rebecca Lake

Old Line Bank offers savings products, including no-penalty CDs. Learn how these CDs work if you're considering opening an account.

How Does Harp Help Underwater Borrowers?

Michele Lerner

If you are among the nation's estimated 20 million upside-down homeowners, the revised Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be playing your song.

Is Refinancing Too Late for Seniors?

Richard Barrington

Retirees often don't think of refinancing, but current conditions make refinancing worth a fresh look to older Americans.

Is There A Rise In Housing Bubble?

Richard Barrington

Home prices may be the same as in 2004, but other conditions have changed since then. Is history ready to repeat itself?

Complete Guide on Buying A Home With Bad Credit

Gina Pogol

When mortgage rates fall, it's possible as a first-time home buyer to qualify for a bigger mortgage and more expensive house. But what if you have poor credit? Can you buy a house with bad credit today? Or should you work to improve your credit first?

How Does Federal Reserve Affect Mortgage Rates?

Erik Martin

The Federal Reserve recently cut interest rates to nearly zero in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Yet this strategy may not affect mortgage interest rates, even though it's aim is to boost the economy. In fact, mortgage rates have crept up in the last few weeks.

Lost Money Order? How to Cancel It and Get Your Cash

Rebecca Lake

When you have a lost or stolen money order, you may be wondering what you can do to get it back. Here's more on what to do if a money order comes up missing.

The Cost of Sloppy Banking Habits

Richard Barrington

How much money are your bank accounts wasting? See how better banking habits could leave you with hundreds of extra dollars by the end of a year.

Best Banks for Those Who Can't Get A Bank Account

Erik J Martin

Using cash for all your transactions isn't practical or safe. That's why it's best to get a bank account with a debit card. Problem is, some people can't qualify for an account at many banks. And many can't afford the various fees charged. So what's the best bank account for you? Probably an entry-level online or mobile bank account.

How Immigrants Can Open A Bank Account Without A Social Security Card

Rebecca Lake

Opening a bank account as a newcomer to the U.S. takes some planning. Learn how immigrants can open a bank account without a social security card.

Checking Vs. Savings Accounts - What's The Difference?

What's the difference between checking and savings accounts? Find out how each impacts the accessibility, security and earning power of your bank account, and how to find the right fit for your needs.

Facing The Enemy - 5 Ways to Prepare for Tax Season

Richard Barrington

They started arriving in your mailbox last month. No, not early Valentine's cards, but the little reminders of the grim task ahead: tax preparation.