5 Signs Your Date Might Be A Future Millionaire

Marrying for love is a beautiful thing -- and financial stability can be a nice byproduct. What signs indicate your date may be a future millionaire?
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We all want to marry someone we love. If that someone we love is a millionaire too, well, bonus points.

How can you tell if the person you are dating – and becoming serious about – might be on the path toward becoming a future millionaire? You could ask about finances, of course (financial advisers say that it always makes sense to talk with your partner about financial issues before walking down the aisle) but what if you’re still early in a relationship and you’re not ready to have that big money talk?

Certain behavior can be signs of smart money management, and although these signals don’t mean that your date is another Donald Trump, they could prove your date is more likely to be a millionaire than a pauper in the future.

Here are signs your date might be a future millionaire:

1. They do their research

Armando Roman, wealth manager with AXIOM Financial Advisory Group, has personal interest in looking for signs of financial stability. His daughter is in a serious relationship, and wedding bells may soon be ringing. Roman, being a financial professional, would prefer that his daughter settle down with a husband who is good with money.

So Roman asks the right questions.

“You can ask certain leading questions to see how someone handles big financial purchases,” Roman says. “Does the person you are dating have some kind of sense where his or her money is going?”

As an example, Roman might ask his daughter’s beau how he chose the car that he is driving. He might ask him how the car is performing.

The answers might give Roman clues as to how meticulous his daughter’s date is when it comes to preparing for big purchases — has he done his research on which cars perform better and get better gas mileage, or did he simply go out and buy the first car that caught his eye?

“How he treats buying a car will give me clues on his whole financial picture, too,” Roman says. “Is he someone who is careful before spending money? If he is, it is more likely that he has built up savings and is financially in good shape.”

2. They prioritize well

Kevin Gallegos, vice president of Phoenix operations with Freedom Financial Network, says that you can tell a lot about your date’s financial priorities by studying how they spend their time.

If your date has a good balance between work and play – and the ‘play’ part includes activities such as running, cycling or volunteering – that’s a good clue that your date might be financially responsible and on the way to becoming a future millionaire.

“If the ‘play’ part of life is spent on weekends in Vegas, that might be a red flag,” Gallegos says.

Dates who spend big sums of money on entertainment all the time may indicate that their bank accounts are not full.

3. Their living arrangements are solid

People who own homes usually have to qualify for a mortgage loan first. That’s a good sign. Mortgage lenders make sure that borrowers have enough income to afford a monthly mortgage payment. This might not mean that you are dating a potential millionaire, but it does show that you are dating someone with enough resources to impress a mortgage lender.

“Where does the person live? Does it match with that person’s income and spending patterns?” Gallegos asks. “If they live with their parents, why? There are good reasons – to help care for aging or ill parents, or while saving up to buy a home with a firm plan in place – but if it’s just because it’s easy, it could be a sign of trouble.”

4. They’re happy to talk about their finances

People with little to hide are happy to talk about their finances. People with plenty in the bank? They might not talk about how much money they have in their accounts, but they’re less likely to change the subject whenever budgeting or money matters come up.

If your date is happy to talk about money goals and budgeting, the odds are your date has some cash saved up.

Of course, communication can clear up all mystery here. If you do schedule a time to talk about money, be honest about any debts you owe or any hits your credit history has taken. This will encourage your date to do the same, and could shed some light on whether you’re getting romantically involved with a future millionaire or someone who’s buried under a mountain of debt.

It’s not always easy to talk about finances,” says Kemberley Washington,CPA and business professor at New Orleans’ Dillard University. “But it’s an important conversation to have. I’d worry if the person I was getting serious with wouldn’t talk about money.”

5. They can keep a job

Ask your dates about their employment history. Have they held down jobs for most of their adult life? Or have they spent long periods of time unemployed? If it’s the former, it’s more likely that you’re dating someone who has the potential to become a future millionaire. Holding down a solid, steady job and investing money in a diversified portfolio is a sign of future riches to come.

Comment: Do you know any future millionaires with these traits?

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