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Consumers Get Relief from Rare Break in Bank Fees: Semiannual MoneyRates Survey

Foster City, CA – February 24, 2021 - In the midst of a recession, new analysis from MoneyRates.comfinds bank customers are getting some good news. While monthly maintenance, overdraft and ATM fees have been trending upward in recent years, the rate comparison site finds these fees declining across the board over the past six months.Better yet, the analysis reveals ways consumers can avoid checking account fees altogether.

MoneyRates Announces the Best States for Retirement in 2021; Iowa and West Virginia Tie for First Place

Foster City, CA - February 4, 2021 - Those nearing or entering retirement are looking for an enjoyable, affordable place to retire. But they may find the process a bit more challenging now due to the economic fallout from the pandemic.

America's Best Rates 4th Quarter, 2020 - Savings, Money Market and CD Rates

Foster City, CA - January 27, 2021 - Leading personal finance site releases its survey of America's Best Rates for the fourth quarter of 2020. The analysis shows savings and money market rates plummeted to historic lows, as did rates for 1-year and 5-year CDs, during this quarter. The average rates are at the lowest levels ever recorded in this survey. Study Shows Best and Worst States for Healthcare in 2021

Foster City, CA: January 12, 2021 - updated its award-winning research today on healthcare quality among U.S. states and finds the states that are best positioned to meet coronavirus challenges and other ongoing demands. The latest study confirms that where you live can impact access, cost and effectiveness of healthcare services.

New Year's Financial Resolutions: Nearly 61% Plan to Save More in 2021

Foster City, CA - Dec. 29, 2020 - "I need to be better with money." This New Year's resolution ranks with quitting smoking or losing weight as a favorite each year. Americans often vow to spend less and save more in the coming year. Since few ultimately attain their goal, offers an action plan for success.

MoneyRates Reveals the Best States to Raise a Family in 2021; New Jersey Tops the List

Foster City, CA - December 16, 2020 - Raising a family this year has been more challenging than in years past. From parents becoming teachers and remote workers - or worse, unemployed - the pandemic has forced many American families to adapt. New analysis from MoneyRates examines where parents can expect the most help from their home state or where the odds are stacked against them.

Most Americans Ill-Equipped in Financial Retirement Planning: MoneyRates Survey

Foster City, CA - Dec. 1, 2020 - Many Americans may be steering the Titanic without a map when it comes to retirement finances. A new survey finds a significant portion of the population understands very little about retirement planning and lacks essential information to make the right moves.

Ready for a Bear Market? Clarifies Investor Attitudes

Foster City, CA - Nov. 19, 2020 - The stock market can be a bear. As it cycles through both bull and bear stages, investor attitudes shape how they react to events. Still, many are unclear about stock market cycles and may be ill-equipped to assess the impact of major economic events such as the pandemic or the election, explains

The High Cost of Sloppy Banking Habits: Survey

Foster City, CA - Nov. 12, 2020 - Americans waste a lot of money because of poor banking habits, and several factors contribute to this loss, according to a new estimate by consumer finance website

Bank Customers Poised to Lose $56 Billion in Income in 2021 Due to Declining Rates

Foster City, CA - Oct. 29, 2020 - Today, released its survey of America's Best Rates for the third quarter of 2020. The analysis shows that savings account interest rates continue to plunge, and money market rates, one-year and five-year CDs all took the biggest dives in the study's history.

MoneyRates Analysis Reveals Gender Gap in Retirement-Planning

Foster City, CA - October 28, 2020 - As cries for equal compensation ring loudly ahead of Equal Pay Day on November 2,'s survey of 1,000 men and women reveals a retirement-planning gap exists in addition to the known wage gap. With reports of tensions already running high among couples during the COVID-19 pandemic, many may not think turning to a financial planner could help ease the pressure.

Majority Have Inadequate Savings for Retirement: MoneyRates Survey

Foster City, CA - Oct. 14, 2020 - Results from a new survey show that many Americans aren't taking basic steps to plan for retirement. Despite questions surrounding the future of retirement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, the personal finance website finds that large percentages of those approaching retirement age and those already retired are financially unprepared.

Nearly 67% of Early Retirees Save Before Age 40 - MoneyRates Survey

Foster City, CA - Sept. 24, 2020 - Results from a new survey make one financial concept abundantly clear: saving early in one's career is crucial to having the option to retire early.

Fed's Interest Rate Policy May Alter Financial Futures of Americans Says MoneyRates Analyst

Foster City, CA - Sept 11, 2020 - Next week's Federal Reserve meeting should provide clarity on a significant change to its interest rate policy. According to, a recent revision to a longstanding policy could impact the savings, retirement accounts, credit cards and personal loans of the average person in America.

Banks Respond to Crisis by Raising Checking Account Fees Shows MoneyRates Survey

Foster City, CA: August 20, 2020 - New analysis finds banks raised monthly maintenance fees on checking accounts to an all-time high during the pandemic. The increase now costs consumers nearly $175 on average every year, just for having an account. This is the highest level of fees seen in the 11-year history of the study. The rate comparison site analyzes more than 300 checking accounts at 100 banks throughout the United States semi-annually. Launches Three Boat Loan Calculators as Boating Ramps Up

Foster City, CA, August 11, 2020 - With countless businesses closed during the pandemic, many Americans are heading outside. There are stories of sold-out bicycles, kayaks and other gear at stores across the country. Even the boating business is booming, according to a New York Times report. Finds Savings Account Fees May Outweigh Interest Earned

Foster City, CA - July 30, 2020 - Today, released its quarterly survey of America's Best Rates for the second quarter of 2020. The analysis shows savings account interest rates suffered a record drop during the quarter. Rates on money market accounts, one-year and five-year CDs took the biggest plunges in the study's history. Financial Analyst Available for Predictions of Federal Reserve Meeting

Foster City, CA: July 23, 2020 - Consumers shouldn't expect a change in the fed interest rate at the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Even without another interest rate cut, there are moves consumers can make. The senior financial analyst for, Richard Barrington, is available to provide analysis of what may happen next week and what it means for consumers.

MoneyRates Names Best Checking Accounts for College Students

Foster City, CA – July 21,–2020 – One of the unsung, yet essential tools every college student needs is a great checking account. A new study explains how the right checking account can save a student hundreds of dollars each year, leaving more in the coffer for late-night pizzas.

Does Achieving a Perfect Credit Score Matter Much? MoneyRates Answers

Foster City, CA - July 14, 2020 - Perfect credit. For many Americans, this lofty target becomes the driving force in the quest to achieve financial well-being. But how much is it really worth to attain that coveted 850 score? Personal finance resource answers the question and provides tips on how to effectively improve a FICO or Vantage rating.

MoneyRates Offers How-To Guide on Financing an RV

Foster City, CA - July 8, 2020 - For many, it's a dream to hit the highways in a recreational vehicle (RV) or camper, visiting friends and relatives and "living wherever your spirit takes you." For that dream to morph into a reality, future road travelers must determine how to finance the recreational vehicle of choice, and revs up to help consumers do that. Offers Resource to Help Guide Consumers on Borrowing to Invest

Foster City, CA - June 30, 2020 - With the U.S. facing a cloudy economic forecast ahead, people across the country are taking a fresh look at their financial plans and re-considering the opportunities available to them. One of those opportunities is borrowing money for investments.

New Study from Names the Best States for Young Adults

Foster City, CA - June 25, 2020 - With a wave of young people looking for new employment opportunities due to COVID-19's historic impact, personal finance resource looks at where the best opportunities lay ahead for them, releasing its annual report ranking the best states for young adults.

New Study from Shows the Job Markets Best Weathering the Pandemic

Foster City, CA - June 9, 2020 - With the coronavirus battering nearly every business sector and costing about 20 million jobs so far, examined the toll the pandemic has taken on each state's job market. The personal finance resource releases its new study today which aims to assist job seekers by determining which state's job markets are holding up under the historically tough economic conditions.

New MoneyRates Study Reveals Surprising Statistics about Income Inequality

Foster City, CA - May 28, 2020 - Personal finance resource released today a new study that identifies which states have the widest differences between high- and low-income earners and which experience less disparity in income.

New Study from Names the Best States to Make a Living

Foster City, CA - May 7, 2020 - Personal finance today released its annual ranking of the best states to make a living. The state of Washington, despite being the early epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S., outranked the rest of the country to take the top spot. Considers Interest Rate Gap: Do Americans Evaluate Banks Correctly?

Foster City, CA - April 30, 2020 - Today, released its quarterly survey of America's Best Rates for the first quarter of 2020. The analysis shows savings account rates suffered the largest year-over-year decline in the eight-year history of this report. Additionally, money market and CD rates dropped sharply over the past year. Survey Shows Coronavirus Threatens Retirement Plans

Foster City, CA - April 21, 2020 - Personal finance resource just published survey results showing that retirement dreams are among the coronavirus pandemic's victims. Of those in the 45-to-64 age group, more than one-third expect the financial fallout of COVID-19 to delay their retirement.

MoneyRates Shares Financial Survival Guide for Pandemic

Foster City, CA - April 16, 2020 - Personal finance just published guidance on surviving the financial impact of COVID-19. Taking smart steps today can help many consumers inoculate against money shortfalls. experts recommend 10 actions, including 5 top ways to shield your bank account from coronavirus.

Seven Ways the Coronavirus Could Change How Americans Bank

Foster City, CA: April 9, 2020 - Many Americans are living through their first pandemic. Many are losing their jobs. Some are worried about putting food on the table. Most lifestyles are changing, so how will the current crisis change the banking industry? compiled seven ways Americans may have to adjust how they bank, post-pandemic.

Student Loan Borrowers Unaware of What They're Getting into

Foster City, CA: March 31, 2020 - Now more than ever, those with student loan debt may be worrying about how to make payments or land a job after graduation so they can make those payments. Although there is some federal student loan relief in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, young adults face a severe reality. Unfortunately, a survey released by suggests borrowers don't even know what they are getting into as they start down the path.

States Paying Highest Federal Taxes Identified in Study

Foster City, CA - March 17, 2020 - Personal finance resource just released a report examining federal tax contributions by state on a total, per capita, and percentage basis. Although residents in all states and the District of Columbia are subject to the same federal tax laws, significant differences exist in the amount of federal taxes paid by people in different states.

Retiring: Selling Home Covers 50 Years of Rent in San Jose, CA -- but Only 10 Years in Hinesville, GA

Foster City, CA - March 12, 2020 - Personal finance resource announces today the 10 best places to downsize in retirement. Downsizing can provide convenience, safety and financial benefits, and the latest study finds the benefits vary dramatically by location.

MoneyRates Survey Finds Checking Account Fees at Record High

Foster City, CA -- February 27, 2020 -- Personal finance resource,, just released semi-annual survey results on bank fees indicating that consumers face higher costs for maintaining checking accounts than ever before. Study Reveals the Best States to Get a Bachelor's Degree

Foster City, CA: February 20, 2020 - The annual cost of a bachelor's degree program can be prohibitive except in states like North Dakota, where it's less than half the price of the nation's most expensive options. A thrifty student or parent can utilize this information and more with's just-released study on the most affordable and helpful collegiate environments from state to state.

MoneyRates Explains How to Reach Both HSA and 401(k) Contribution Limits

Foster City, CA -- February 13, 2020 -- Personal finance resource,, recently published analysis and recommendations on how best to fund Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) while also maximizing investment in 401(k) accounts. Answers Americans: How Much Credit-Card Debt is too Much?

February 12, 2020 -- Foster City, CA -- Personal finance resource released a guide today for Americans drowning in credit-card debt. To answer the question, the new report looks at how debt impacts credit score, net worth, and the ability to get a loan.

New MoneyRates Study Shows Americans Overpay $72.5 Billion a Year on Credit-Card Debt

Foster City, CA - February 5, 2020 - Today, American consumers hold $1.086 trillion in credit-card debt. Twenty years ago it was $610 billion. Many people make their rising debt worse by paying more interest than necessary. A new credit-card-debt study from shows high credit card interest rates cost Americans an extra $72.5 billion every year due to inefficient debt use. This figure is based on the new Excess Credit Expense Index, which shows how much consumers cost themselves by using short-term credit to pay for long-term debt.

MoneyRates Survey Shows Savings Account Rates Suffered Largest Drop Since 2012

Foster City, CA - January 30, 2020 - Today, released its quarterly survey of America's Best Rates for the last quarter of 2019. The analysis shows that interest rates on all bank deposit products fell for the third consecutive quarter. However, savings account rates, on average, suffered the largest single-quarter drop in the seven-year history of the survey.

MoneyRates Details State and Federal Tax-Prep Costs

Foster City, CA -- January 16, 2020 -- Personal finance resource,, recently published research into costs for 14 mostly free online tax preparation services, 19 paid subscription preparer services and surveyed professional tax-preparation costs throughout the United States. Study Reveals 10 Best States for Retirement in 2020

Foster City, CA: January 14, 2020 - Where people choose to retire can affect their lifestyle dramatically, so learning about different locations should be a priority for all those nearing retirement age. today released its Top 10 States for Retirement in 2020 study. The tenth annual study shows clear winners using five factors: healthcare conditions, personal security, local economy, weather and popularity with older residents.

LendingPoint Executive Explains Tech's Influence on Loan Industry for

Foster City, CA - January 8, 2020 -Technology has changed the landscape of many industries. To explore its effect on opening up the personal loan market,, a personal finance website, conducted an extensive interview with Raul Tavares, Chief of Staff for LendingPoint (a financial technology company), about the benefits of tech-driven lending.

Award-winning Study by Reveals Best and Worst States for Healthcare

Foster City, CA -- December 17, 2019 -- Healthcare is a leading issue for the 2020 presidential election. Though a hot topic for national debate, healthcare conditions are highly localized. released its second annual healthcare study which found sharp divisions from state to state and the District of Columbia (D.C.).

MoneyRates' Experts Define Best Customer Service for Banks

Foster City, CA -- December 3, 2019 -- Personal finance resource,, researched what makes bank customers most satisfied and allows some institutions to grow more rapidly than others. Two banks that have achieved excellent deposit growth were explored in-depth: Flagstar Bank and Ally Bank.

10 Best States to Raise a Family in 2020 - MoneyRates' Study Shows New Jersey on Top

Foster City, CA -- November 20, 2019 -- Personal finance resource,, just published research examining measurable factors that contribute to -- or detract from -- the environment for raising children in 2020.

Holiday Spending - MoneyRates' Survey Shows Most Budget under $1,000

Foster City, CA -- November 14, 2019 - Personal finance resource,, just published the results of a consumer survey on holiday spending. Surprisingly, more than one-quarter of respondents say they will not spend extra during the holiday season.

New survey finds out how consumers paid their 2018 tax bills

November 13, 2019 -- Foster City, CA - Paying taxes is an experience most Americans can do without. But in recent years, it's been a bit more painful due to federal changes that caught taxpayers off guard, resulting in more Americans owing more money.

New Survey Reveals Biggest Checking Account Fees

Foster City, CA: August 27, 2019 - Checking accounts are an important part of everyday life for most people, but they are not all created equal. Consumers pay hundreds of dollars each year in unnecessary checking account fees, and many find minimum-balance requirements too steep to manage. Survey: Consumers Earn 15x Interest with Top-Ranked Banks

Foster City, CA: July 31, 2019 - Today's America's Best Rates analysis by personal finance resource shows consumers still have an opportunity to increase the amount of interest they earn on CDs, savings and money market accounts. The difference between the top savings account rate in this quarter's study and the average interest rate amounts to $195.90 a year in extra interest on a $10,000 account.

Study Reveals the Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

Foster City, CA - July 18, 2019 - Personal finance resource reveals the "Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs" to start a business. The personal finance website looked at more than 380 U.S. metropolitan areas to determine the top 25 and highlights why location is so critical to a startup.

Retiring: Selling Your Home Won't Cover Rent in 80 Percent of U.S. Cities

Foster City, CA – July 11, 2019 – Personal finance resource today announced the 10 best places to downsize in retirement. Downsizing can provide convenience, safety and financial benefits, but the latest study finds the benefits can vary starkly by location. Reveals the Best States for Car Enthusiasts

Foster City, CA: June 27, 2019 - revealed the best states for car enthusiasts today. While Virginia may be the state for lovers, it didn't make the top-ten list for car lovers. One may think states in the Southeast would be first to the finish line with a truckload of stock-car racing fans, but it was the Midwest that accelerated to the top.

New Study Names the Best States for Millennials

Foster City, CA - June 25, 2019 - With a new wave of graduates and young workers entering the early stages of their careers, personal finance resource looked at where the best opportunities lay ahead for them, releasing today its new report ranking the best states for millennials. Study: Most Fashionable U.S. Cities in 2019

Foster City, CA: June 19, 2019 - updated its study of the most fashionable U.S. cities based on the concentration of clothing stores per capita. An analysis of 382 metropolitan areas identifies the top 10 fashion-oriented cities for 2019. Study Ranks Healthcare by State with New Comparison Tool

Foster City, CA: June 13, 2019 - released a study today on the quality of healthcare in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Seven different factors were analyzed based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The analysis showed that location of residency can impact access, cost and effectiveness of healthcare services. Study: Texas Emerges as Best State for Banking

Foster City, CA: May 14, 2019 - The Best States for Banking analysis released today by personal finance resource shows Texas leading the way in terms of retail banking conditions, when factoring in:

  • Total number of bank locations in each state
  • Number of banks offering one of the nation's top interest rates
  • JD Power customer-service ratings for all banks that had locations in each state

Anyone looking for a job would be wise to pick their spots, according to a new study by

Foster City, CA - May 7, 2019 - Personal finance resource today released its annual study showing the 10 best job markets in the United States. While employment conditions in the U.S. are generally good, they range from outstanding in some cities to dismal in others. Survey: Customers Can Earn 20X Interest With Leading Banks

Foster City, CA: April 30, 2019 - The America's Best Rates analysis released today by personal finance resource shows most banks are dragging their feet in offering customers higher interest rates on deposit accounts, despite generally higher rates throughout the economy.

New Study from Names the Best States to Make a Living

Foster City, CA - April 25, 2019 - Personal finance resource today released its annual ranking of the best states to make a living. This year, Wyoming ranks as the best of the best, based on a variety of quantitative factors measuring how favorable - or unfavorable - conditions in each state are for workers.

Income Inequality is Improving, According to Study

Foster City, CA - April 3, 2019 - Personal finance resource released today a study examining income inequality by state. The research shows that, nationally, income inequality has improved in about two-thirds of the states in the nation.

10 Banks That Don't Gouge Customers for Overdrawn Checking Accounts, According to Study

Foster City, CA - Mar. 19, 2019 - Personal finance resource, released today its list of best checking accounts to minimize an overdraft fee. The semi-annual study discloses the ten banks in the MoneyRates Index that offer the best combination of terms and fee structure for individuals who want to reduce runaway overdraft charges.

States Paying Highest Federal Taxes are Most Impacted by Cap on SALT Deductions, According to Study

Foster City, CA - March 6, 2019 - Personal finance resource released today a study examining federal tax contributions by state on a total, per capita, and percentage basis. The research shows that, while taxpayers in all 50 states are subject to the same federal tax laws, huge differences exist in the amount of federal taxes paid by residents of different states. The study also examines which state's residents are likely to be hardest hit by the new cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

Checking Account Fees Highest in Seven Years, According to Survey

Foster City, CA – February 26, 2019 – Personal finance resource, released its latest semi-annual Checking Account Fee Survey showing that monthly maintenance and ATM fees continued to rise, while overdraft protection fees fell again over the past 6 months. The average annual cost for maintaining a checking account rose to $162.96, the highest level in the survey’s seven-year history.

Settling for Average Rates Costs Bank Customers More than Ever Gap between top and average rates the widest in history of survey

Foster City, CA: January 30, 2019 - The America’s Best Rates analysis released today by personal finance resource on the fourth quarter of 2018 found that, while interest rates on savings and money market accounts continued to edge higher, the rate gap between a handful of leading banks and average rates is widening.

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