Award-Winning Study By MoneyRates Reveals Best and Worst States for Healthcare

South Carolina has the worst while Massachusetts measures up as the best for second consecutive year.
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South Carolina has the worst while Massachusetts measures up as the best for second consecutive year

Foster City, CA: December 17, 2019 – Healthcare is a leading issue for the 2020 presidential election. Though a hot topic for national debate, healthcare conditions are highly localized. released its second annual healthcare study which found sharp divisions from state to state and the District of Columbia (D.C.). Eight factors were analyzed based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Kaiser Family Foundation:

  1. Health insurance coverage
  2. Reported health status
  3. Child immunization coverage
  4. Infant mortality rates
  5. Adequacy of nursing care staffing
  6. Adequacy of medical office staffing
  7. Hospital affordability
  8. Health insurance affordability

The award-winning study found, based on an average ranking of the criteria, Massachusetts as the best state for healthcare for the second year in a row. It has the highest percentage of its population covered by health insurance, the highest rate of child immunization and finished in the top ten in three other categories. South Carolina ranked as the worst state overall for healthcare. It was among the 10 worst states for child immunization, nursing care staffing and doctor’s office staffing.

The top 10 states for best and worst healthcare


States with the Best Healthcare


States with the Worst Healthcare


South Carolina



North Dakota

New Mexico







Rhode Island




South Dakota

North Carolina




The study also revealed striking differences among states including:

  • Texans are six times more likely to be without health insurance than Massachusettsans
  • Children in Georgia are about twice as likely to go without immunizations than in Massachusetts
  • Infant mortality rates are at least twice as high in 13 states and D.C. than in Vermont
  • The average cost of a day of hospital inpatient care is three times as high in Oregon than in Montana
  • Relative to the size of its elderly population, Alaska has merely one-seventh as much staff for nursing care facilities as North Dakota
  • Doctor’s offices in Idaho have less than half the staff as Pennsylvania and three other states relative to the size of the state's population

“When people debate the cost or availability of healthcare, they may not realize they could be talking about very different things depending on where they live. Information like this can help inform people’s decisions about where to live or retire,” says Richard Barrington, a Senior Financial Advisor for “From a political perspective, it can also tell them whether they should expect their local leaders to deliver better results.” created an interactive comparison map in the last study to help consumers review the conditions of each state. To further assist users, the site included an interactive table where they can filter by state, subcategory and overall health conditions.

To view each state’s ranking with full methodology visit,

Methodology used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Kaiser Family Foundation and ranked all 50 states plus the District of Columbia on performance in eight categories (found here). Then the overall rankings were based on the average of rankings across all categories. Finally, the site classified state-by-state conditions in each category the way you might describe a person's health:

  • Robust - the best 20 percent
  • Healthy - the next 20 percent
  • Average - the middle 20 percent
  • Frail - the next 20 percent
  • Critical - the bottom 20 percent

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