Nearly 67% of Early Retirees Save Before Age 40 - Moneyrates Survey

Nearly 67% of Early Retirees Save Before Age 40 - MoneyRates Survey
By Linda Vergon
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Almost a quarter of respondents 65 or older haven't started saving for retirement

Foster City, CA - Sept. 24, 2020 - Results from a new survey make one financial concept abundantly clear: saving early in one's career is crucial to having the option to retire early.

"Looking at what has worked for people who retired early, getting an early start on savings seems to be a key factor," says Richard Barrington, MoneyRates' senior financial analyst. "Those who are still working after reaching age 65 are much less likely to have started saving for retirement in their 20s and 30s than those who were able to retire before age 65."

The survey also reveals:

  • Just over 1 in 5 (21.6%) workers younger than 65 are retired and 8% of those younger than 65 are semi-retired.
  • Roughly two-thirds (66.9%) of those retired or semi-retired before age 65 started saving for retirement by age 40.
  • Of respondents 65 or older, 16.2% are still working full or part time.
  • Of those still working full- or part-time at age 65 or older, only 18.2% started saving for retirement by age 30.
  • In contrast, 23.4% of those still working at age 65 or older have not yet started saving for retirement.

MoneyRates offers actionable advice to help consumers retire early, such as making payroll deductions into a 401(k) plan, depositing a portion of each paycheck directly into savings, shopping for the best interest rates, and planning a budget around retirement saving.

"Someone who makes saving for retirement a priority has a better chance of saving money more consistently," adds Barrington. "There's nothing wrong with continuing to work after age 65. But ideally, it should be a choice, not a necessity. The message for younger workers is that starting to save now, and learning not to overspend, gives more freedom of choice later on."

Methodology queried 1,000 people aged 45 and older in an OP4G survey to find out where they stood in terms of their retirement planning.

MoneyRates' spokesperson Richard Barrington is available for commentary on this study as well as banking and personal finance topics.

See the full article here: Early Saving Pays Off in Early Retirement.

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