MoneyRates Study - Most Fashionable U.S. Cities In 2019

An analysis of 382 metropolitan areas identifies the top 10 fashion-oriented cities for 2019.
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Ocean City takes top spot for second consecutive year

Foster City, CA: June 19, 2019 - updated its study of the most fashionable U.S. cities based on the concentration of clothing stores per capita. An analysis of 382 metropolitan areas identifies the top 10 fashion-oriented cities for 2019.

On average, U.S. cities have 1.33 clothing stores for every 10,000 residents and there are more than 100 cities where the ratio is under one clothing store for every 10,000 residents. One may assume New York City and Los Angeles would be in the top five, but these cities did not even make the top 30. Surprisingly, the comparisons make Ocean City, and its 4.44 clothing stores per 10,000 residents, stand out as the only metro above four on this scale.

"A high concentration of clothing stores says two things about how fashion-conscious a city is," says Richard Barrington, senior financial analyst for "First, a high concentration typically means a variety of choices allowing people to pursue their own style. Second, attracting a high concentration of retailers indicates high demand for clothes, so it suggests an area where people are serious about clothes shopping."

Top five most fashionable cities


Metro Area

Clothing Stores per 10,000 Residents


Ocean City, New Jersey



Barnstable Town, Massachusetts



Daphne/Fairhope/Foley, Alabama



Santa Fe, New Mexico



Atlantic City, New Jersey


For the complete list of this year's most fashionable cities, please see the full article:

"Living in a place with lots of places to shop for clothes could have a positive or negative effect on your clothing budget," advises Barrington. "On one hand, having more stores could elevate the temptation to spend money. On the other, more competition often equates to increased opportunities for smart shoppers to find bargains."

To help people balance their fashion sense with their budget discipline, MoneyRates stresses the importance of spending wisely on clothes so it doesn't get in the way of other priorities such as:

  • Avoiding credit card debt
  • Paying down student loan debt
  • Saving for retirement

"Clothing is interesting because it can be both a necessity and a luxury," observes Barrington. "It's okay to indulge, as long as you remember you won't feel luxurious for long if you accumulate too much debt."

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