Buying a house is often the biggest financial decision of people’s lives. Go into that decision armed with knowledge from MoneyRates’ experts.

Understanding Mortgages

Don’t be confused by the variety of different mortgage products. Learn some of the key things about how they work, including:

  • Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Mortgage insurance
  • How your mortgage term affects what you pay

Making the Right Choices About Your Mortgage

See what you should know about some of the key mortgage decisions you may face:

  • Choosing a mortgage lender
  • When to refinance your mortgage
  • Using home equity loans

Making the right mortgage decision can save you money for decades to come. That makes reading a couple articles on the subject well worth your time.

How Does Harp Help Underwater Borrowers?

Michele Lerner

If you are among the nation’s estimated 20 million upside-down homeowners, the revised Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be playing your song.

Is Refinancing Too Late for Seniors?

Richard Barrington

Retirees often don’t think of refinancing, but current conditions make refinancing worth a fresh look to older Americans.

Is There A Rise In Housing Bubble?

Richard Barrington

Home prices may be the same as in 2004, but other conditions have changed since then. Is history ready to repeat itself?

How Does Federal Reserve Affect Mortgage Rates?

Erik J Martin

The Federal Reserve recently cut interest rates to nearly zero in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Yet this strategy may not affect mortgage interest rates, even though it’s aim is to boost the economy. In fact, mortgage rates have crept up in the last few weeks.

Complete Guide on Buying A Home With Bad Credit

Gina Pogol

When mortgage rates fall, it’s possible as a first-time home buyer to qualify for a bigger mortgage and more expensive house. But what if you have poor credit? Can you buy a house with bad credit today? Or should you work to improve your credit first?

Downton Abbey’s 4 Financial Lessons

Richard Barrington

Though “Downton Abbey” is set in a distinctly different era, its plot holds some financial lessons that are relevant today.

Pros and Cons of Prepaying Mortgage

Erik J Martin

You don’t have to wait out the remaining term of your mortgage to pay it off.

Instead, you can make accelerated payments on an occasional or regular basis, which could save you big money in interest charges overall. But your best option may not be to prepay your mortgage. Understand the pros and cons; then learn how to crunch the numbers.

Boost Your Appraised Home Value In 5 Steps

Josh Harmatz

By being informed and making your home presentable you can help to insure that your home gets the highest possible appraisal for the best mortgage loan or the highest sales price.

Avoid 5 Financial Mistakes After Divorce

Lynnette Khalfani Cox

Financial choices made during and after divorce can impact how well you move forward. Learn how to avoid these common errors.

Potential Red Flags on Your Mortgage Application

Peter Miller

Does the potential of being turned down for a mortgage keep you up at night? Time to relax, because the odds of your mortgage going through are in your favor.

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