Stay on the Right Track: Explore Diverse Savings Account Options


We Compare Over 950 Accounts for You! At MoneyRates, we understand the importance of finding the right savings account. That's why we've meticulously compared different accounts, bringing you only the best options tailored to diverse financial needs.


Explore Your Savings Options

Navigate your savings journey with ease using our comparison table, showcasing the latest interest rates for various savings accounts.

From basic accounts to high-yield options, find the perfect match for your financial goals and start optimizing your savings strategy today.

Account Type Potential Earnings (% APY*)
Basic Savings Account Easy access, low requirements 0.05 - 0.5%
High-Yield Savings Account Higher interest rates, higher minimums Up to 5.30%
Online Savings Account Managed online, lower fees Similar to High-Yield Savings Account
Money Market Account (MMA) High interest, check-writing, high minimums 0.56% (average), up to 5.13%
Certificate of Deposit (CD) Fixed term, higher rates, early withdrawal penalty Up to 5.30%
Health Savings Account (HSA) For medical expenses, tax advantages Similar to High-Yield Savings Account
Education Savings Account (ESA) For education expenses, tax benefits Similar to High-Yield Savings Account
IRA Savings Account For retirement, tax advantages Up to 5.30%
Custodial Savings Account Managed by adult for a minor 0.05 - 0.5%
Joint Savings Account Shared account, equal access Similar to Basic Savings Account
Goal-Oriented Savings Account For specific saving goals Varies, often similar to Basic or High-Yield Savings Account

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