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Credit Card Payoff Calculator

If you’ve been carrying a balance on your credit card and are interested in paying off the debt within a specific timeframe, this credit card calculator can help you budget.

Enter your current credit card balance and interest rate, then choose the timeframe in which you would like to retire your balance. This credit card payoff calculator will show you the amount you need need to pay each month in order to reach your goal.

Experiment with different timeframes for how long to pay off credit card until you find the most realistic balance between the maximum monthly credit card payment you can afford and the shortest period to pay off your card.    

How Much Do I Need To Pay Each Month To Pay Off My Credit Card?

Enter the current balance on your credit card
What is the card's interest rate
What period of time would you like to get this card paidoff (in months)
To pay off your remaining balance you should make a monthly payment of
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